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Oh, Look What I Made Me Do

I will finally admit it to all of you. I hate my job.  I’ve realized my drinking has increased. It’s nearly nightly now. I’m displacing my anger and lashing out at the kids nights and mornings before work. It occurred … Continue reading

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3 Beers

My doctor told me to take one of my anti-anxiety pills with a meal of at least 300 calories in the evening. Three light beers and I’m good, right? #mealsubstitute

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My Gravitational Pull

Of course I don’t want to leave them and they obviously don’t want to leave me. They don’t know what I’m thinking though. I’m thinking I could die between now and my return and never see them again. I’m thinking … Continue reading

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Anxiety Takes No Holiday; Here’s to the Family I Mourn

It most certainly takes prisoners. It most certainly takes souls. Lives.  Calmness.  Joy.  But I will just settle in with it as I do everyday. Easter. Not really a favorite holiday of mine. Actually, no holiday is favorable for me … Continue reading

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