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Parenting Rule No. 5

Always know where your children are at all times.  Lock the son with the memory of an elephant out of the house one fucking time….

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Technology These Days

Jack wanted to watch movies on his Amazon Fire tablet. I don’t know how Jake does it. I look through it for a bit and get frustrated. I finally say, “Ask your brother”. He’s watching movies now. My 4 year … Continue reading

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Ok, on the selfie mode of the fucking Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge.  But maybe it’s because I’m so vain.

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Quiet Saturday Morning?

No! No, quiet coffee time on the deck for me. Jackson’s up. I’m the first lucky contestant on his daily show “400 Million Questions”. Yes, those are the clothes he wore yesterday. I quit fighting my kids for small things, … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Anniversary of My Father’s Unexpected Passing

12 years. I dread answering phone calls. I worry daily about losing someone. I worry about my children going through the same pain I did. I worry about dying unfulfilled with dreams unattained. Smells still trigger memories then tears. I’m … Continue reading

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Wandering Thoughts and Nose Hairs

Do men know they look better with their beards trimmed and properly maintained? It’s not attractive. It’s shaggy and makes them appear unkempt. If they can’t control their beard the impression is they don’t control other things. I’m thinking dirty … Continue reading

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I Divorced the Wrong Person

It’s been hard to admit. It’s been even harder to accept since realizing what I’ve men missing. I started this cycle years ago. Now it all makes sense and I see what I’ve done and have been doing. I fall … Continue reading

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