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Mildly Mentally Disabled

I read it earlier at the first IEP meeting but shrugged it off. I figured a new state, it’s how developmentally delayed transfers here. No, it was his diagnosis from the school’s psychologist after another IQ test. It was lower … Continue reading

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Missing You All

I’m missing writing and missing feeling present here. I’ve renewed my subscription so there will be future posts. I promise to find time.  I hope everyone is doing well. 

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Bernheim Original

I’m a girl. So I have to admit the name drew me in. It reminded me of visits to Bernheim Forest with an ex-boyfriend back in high school. It reminded me that I took my children there just two weeks … Continue reading

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Gone Girl

Closed on my Tennessee house. I’m officially done with Tennessee.  For now.

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So the Boys Go to a Church for Daycare

And Jake got in trouble today for pushing a kid twice his size because he cut him in line. The teacher even said he was impressed that Jake stood up for himself. But he and the other boy had to … Continue reading

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I’m once again residing in the great state of Kentucky. Even though I begin work tomorrow I have never felt so homeless, jobless and uninsured. Might as well add alone to that mix. Yes, I’ve moved closer to family but … Continue reading

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Some nights you just want to cry and be held. Other nights you’re reminded of how lucky you are to be alone. Fucked up world, isn’t it? But we’re alive aren’t we?

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