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I have a love/hate relationship with Rob Gronkowski. His ego is the size of a stadium but did you see him grinding his hips on the float in the Super Bowl parade 2 years ago? Shit.

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The Greatest Gift of All

I’m just going to wrap a box with a letter in it addressed to my family. No presents, can’t afford them. I have, however, spent thousands over the years on therapy because of some of you and your actions. Merry … Continue reading

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Dating in your 30’s

He knows why you have to run to the bathroom after sneezing.

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“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Listen to the song and tell me it’s not rapey sounding. Why is this song still covered? 

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Things Are Getting Better

I’d like to report that things are getting better. I’ve acknowledged the depression. I’m going to see a therapist Monday. The job. I’m interviewing elsewhere. I took a pay cut moving here. I also demoted myself a little also. I … Continue reading

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The Line

That place where you’re buzzed and you know you should stop drinking but you’re finally buzzed and you want to maintain this. But knowing you don’t maintain. You just get drunker. You either go to sleep peacefully and habe a … Continue reading

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Mildly Mentally Disabled

I read it earlier at the first IEP meeting but shrugged it off. I figured a new state, it’s how developmentally delayed transfers here. No, it was his diagnosis from the school’s psychologist after another IQ test. It was lower … Continue reading

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