Bernheim Original

I’m a girl. So I have to admit the name drew me in. It reminded me of visits to Bernheim Forest with an ex-boyfriend back in high school. It reminded me that I took my children there just two weeks ago for a festival.

It was the Bernheim I visited as a teen and the Bernheim I visited in my 30’s, having been married twice, just returned to Kentucky from Tennessee. It was nostalgia that drew me to buy it.

It’s not even bourbon. Distilled and bottled in Bardstown, a city I love.

I liked it. I bought the 7 year small batch. Very wheaty but earthy. I tasted my youth. Fall days with nothing inside the city of Louisville to preoccupy us so that we had to escape. To a place at the recommendation of my mother. I tasted crisp air, crunching leaves and young love. 

If I could tell you what Kentucky smells like I’d describe the smell housed in my nose, placed there years ago. I smell the wind to do this day and am reminded. Louisville smells like whiskey distilling, the aroma floating across your school playground in the West End.

Kentucky smells of tobacco, pastures of cows, acres of grass.
This bottle reminded me of Kentucky. It still leaves me thinking of the past. But at the same time, the future. As I’ve got someone I want to share this with tomorrow night.

I’d love to go into more detail but as my blog title states I’m a mom and I’m trying to put an entertainment cabinet together before I go to bed. Now that the children are asleep I shall work and reminisce. 

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