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I want to text you that I’ve moved out of state. Away from you. I want to text you that I don’t think of you and that you’re nothing to me. But it would all be lies. Hope you and … Continue reading

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Oh, Look What I Made Me Do

I will finally admit it to all of you. I hate my job.  I’ve realized my drinking has increased. It’s nearly nightly now. I’m displacing my anger and lashing out at the kids nights and mornings before work. It occurred … Continue reading

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3 Beers

My doctor told me to take one of my anti-anxiety pills with a meal of at least 300 calories in the evening. Three light beers and I’m good, right? #mealsubstitute

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Bernheim Original

I’m a girl. So I have to admit the name drew me in. It reminded me of visits to Bernheim Forest with an ex-boyfriend back in high school. It reminded me that I took my children there just two weeks … Continue reading

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Drinking and Momming

I just created that term as I’ve been painting all day with my children in the house and drinking to offset the stress. Jake only leaned into the wall once. His shirt and jeans are ruined but I’m made of … Continue reading

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My Fun Saturday Night

I bought some new toilet seats for the new house today. “Going to church” has a new meaning in our house now. 

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I’ve not gone far my friends. Still here. Just busy and dating a gentleman! And drinking new bourbons and beer. More to come! I still need to expand on my love addiction post!

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