I’m once again residing in the great state of Kentucky. Even though I begin work tomorrow I have never felt so homeless, jobless and uninsured. Might as well add alone to that mix. Yes, I’ve moved closer to family but I feel so alone. The emotional toll this is taking is quite suffocating but bearable, obviously. I expected a little of this. I couldn’t have imagined it all.

Tomorrow, after my kid’s first day at a new school, at a new daycare, my first day at a new company I know I’ll feel better. I’ll feel even better Friday when I close on my house in Tennessee. I’ll feel even better in two weeks when I close on my new house, if everything goes ok.

I wrote this aforementioned last night. Today was my first day of work today. Ehh.

Today was the boy’s first day of school. They enjoyed it. 

I’ve never felt so alone.

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