Explain This to Me

The guy from the other night came over. The boys were asleep when he finally arrived. We talked. No drinking. We just caught up. He told me he’d come back at 5 for dinner the next day, hugged me and told me to text him later. 

I carried about my Sunday. I texted him once to tell him something about the upcoming weekend. He replied. I texted him later asking if pork chops were ok for dinner. No reply.

I figured he was busy with work. I had company all day, friends dropping by to say goodbye. I didn’t think anything else about it.

I texted him again at 5:30 asking if he was coming over. No reply. No just never showed up or replied.

It’s now Tuesday and I haven’t heard one thing from him. I don’t know if I’ve done something or he’s been in an accident, if he’s even alive or dead.

I really have no freaking clue why I try. I know have no clue why I even care. 

Not to mention a guy friend was going to come over Friday to see me since it was my last weekend in Tennessee. He never replied to my text asking if he was still coming over. 

I can’t even rely on guy friends! That’s pitiful. And you wonder why we have trust issues, why we hate you. Only my close friends and family are reliable and trustworthy. Screw the rest. I’m just removing a few people from my phone. I’m done with selfish assholes. 

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