Onward and Literally Upward

I hate change. I love alcohol. It’s what’s keeping my nerves calm. I’m hating and lonely right now. 

I’m hating being in the presence of couples. I hate the engagement ring commercials on the radio. I’m hating looking at someone and noticing wedding rings, male or women, I’m either disappointed or jealous.

I hate stay-at-home mom’s and two parent families. I hate extended families and their annual trips to the beach. 

I hate men that don’t call, don’t text. I hate men that play you, use you, lie to you. I hate the faithful men in other people’s relationships. I hate the taken men, the single men.

I’m envious of happy wives. Parents with normal children and normal lives. 

I’m hurt and I’m tired.

Now to list the good things. 

I’m healthy. The boys are healthy. We’re moving. I’m employed. We have great friends and family. I’ll continue to think of more. 

My son’s freckles across their noses. 

Windows down when everyone else’s are up. 

Laughing at inside jokes with your co-workers.

Thank you for reading, I already feel better! I hope you can list the positives when you’re feeling negative. 

About bourbonbreathmom

No words can describe me;)
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