I’d Never Heard of a ‘Meat and Three’ Until…

And just like that the house is on the market and Kentucky is in sight. Going back to my roots. And bourbon.

Just hoping I’m doing the right thing. After 15 years here, I do love Tennessee. I’ll miss skipping work to day drink in the honky-tonks downtown. Not getting a funny look for wearing cowboy boots. I’ll miss the sweet tea available at every restaurant. I’ll miss the vinegar-based, coleslaw topped bbq sandwich from Whitt’s, Cafe Rakka’s lentil soup and skewered rib-eye, calling Rally’s Checkers, Dos Margarita’s salsa, I’ll miss Publix and their red potato salad,  and every up-and-coming restaurant’s shot at hot chicken. I’ll miss the Southern charm, the manners, the culture. I’ll miss people not acknowledging my accent.

More importantly, I’ll miss the people I’ve met the last 15 years. I’ve got friends in Louisville that I’ve known since I was five. But the last 15 years have awarded me with my current friendships. The ‘me’ of 15 years ago still has friendships there but the ‘me’ of the last 15 years has friends here. God, what memories I have and the things I’ve done!

I’m thankful that my “smarts” have enabled me to get this far in life. That I get to be challenged and test a new role with a new company. Impostor Syndrome is real. Very real.

May I find new foods, places, and friends I will come to love in Kentucky!

Kentucky, I’m coming home.

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