I’m done with dating. I’m tired of selling myself. I’m tired of hearing of what a catch I am but the guys I fall for don’t feel the same.

I realized today how weak I’ve been this last year thinking I need someone, need a relationship. I read posts and blogs about people desperately seeking or already attached to someone. I wish these people saw themselves as they make themselves appear. I’m proud of myself for being strong and independent. I don’t need to date someone to prove I’m happy, I’m good enough, I’m loved. I love myself and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.

I also have to add that these radio commercials about life insurance and leaving your spouse with nothing is sad for a totally different reason to me now. How sad it is that people are so dependent on another person that they can’t function or continue to live without them. It’s your life. No one is responsible for you. Why did we take on other people as a responsibility? I understand children complicate it but they’re still selling a product with guilt.

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