Online Dating

Because when am I going to meet anyone?

The ridiculous shit I’ve heard this week. It’s Tuesday. And I’m sparing you the dirty stuff.

“Do those boys need a step daddy?” Do your balls need to be in your throat?

“Are you a bagel? Because you are bae goals.” That’s just nonsensical. 

“Why are you not talking to me?” 3 minutes after he sent his first message. 

I’m considering selling my house and renting a townhouse. “Your boys need a house.”

“You know, kids appreciate a good meal.” And how many kids do you have? Go fuck yourself.

What do I enjoy? Peeing alone. (Indicating no free time because I’m a mom.) “You peeing sounds sexy.” Yep, I really got that one. Edited my answers. 

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No words can describe me;)
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