In Kroger today and, yep the pretty pink and sky blue box did it, it peaked my curiosity. I was going with the low-cal Miller Lite just in case I didn’t like it, but it obviously the pink and blue in a sea of brown, green and deep blue, you can’t help but notice it. It did what it was suppose to do and caught the attention of this woman.

I read it. Pineapple and apricot. But still a wheat ale. Golden Road Brewing, Los Angeles.

Made in LA. Like, duh. Of course, it’s made there. It like totally makes sense. California is the birthplace of male rompers, male capris, and skin tight jeans for men that will clearly hinder future reproduction production. They’re trying to be trendy and jump on the craft beer wagon and then appeal to women or gay men???
So I bought it, Miller Lite, and the rest of the shit I needed to make Smores with the boys tonight. Not really sweet. You can taste the pineapple but I think the apricot is leading the show. The pineapple is hardly noticable until the aftertaste makes an appearance.
I Googled it. Even Google plugged in the automated search options the of the list being calories. 144

Like, duh, if you want to catch chicks, or the health conscious peeps of the West Cost, you have to be lo-cal, duh. Forget the 4.8% alcohol content, the fruity additions, pretty can and popular birthplace. Not gonna fly with the ladies. 

Overall, I drank half of it and forgot about it. I was needed to kiss a booboo. My youngest shut his thumb in the sliding glass door. By the time I saw it (and he quit wailing, 10 minutes layer I believe, it really hurt him!) it was warm and I wasn’t going to drink it.

I started mixing my homemade margaritas. Afterall, I squeezed fresh limes myself, and while the drink isn’t low calorie, it is made with fresh produce, which is totally tending these days. 

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