Still Unsatisfied

I love my house. Love it! I love my friends here. They’ve come to be my family. I love Tennessee. It’s beautiful with the country music culture, the friendly people. I love Jackson’s school and his teachers.

I moved to this state 15 years ago. I moved to this house last year. And I hate to feel like I’m admitting defeat but I don’t think I am.

Defeat would mean I’m giving up on something. And I’m not. I bought this house, changed jobs, I’m still unhappy. I still feel something’s missing. Maybe it’s just not here.

I’ll be closer to family. Closer to my lifelong friends. I’ve even thought I’d just rent for a while. While I love the work and the ability to make improvements on a house you’re buying, it’s expensive and time consuming.

I even changed jobs last year. I’m making more money than ever but I’m still unhappy. 

I get a chance to change my career, lessen my commute, and after selling my house paying, eliminate some debt to not have to work like I am.

While my mother and I have not always gotten along, she is my children’s only living grandmother. My boy’s love their younger cousins, uncle, and older family members too.

If I act now I can move before school starts in August.

What to do. 

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