I’m Not a Father Figure

After bad date after bad date I just need to stop looking. But I seriously think like this: find a man that will be a great “father” to the boys while they’re young so that they can grow together. This is really my thought and my intention! I don’t know how to change it but it’s causing me great stress and grief. I sadly just keep thinking I need to do this for the boys. Honestly, I get hit on by a lot of married men. I have found myself attracted to married men. I wouldn’t dare touch a married man but when I watch a man with his children I become jealous and envious. And I’m being so honest and truthful here. It’s embarrassing and hurts to admit.

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2 Responses to I’m Not a Father Figure

  1. Sandy says:

    You are a father figure. We all are when there is an absentee father in the home. I am both a mother and father and have to play both roles. I may not know how to be a father but I sure do try. Give yourself some credit.

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