My OCD is Breaking Me

I seriously love white hangers. Yes, clothes hangers. Don’t ask.

I don’t want colored plastic hangers. I may feel blue one day or hate gray the next. It’s a mental thing. 

I’m realizing as I’m pulling out summer clothes that I need more hangers. Correction: I need more white hangers. I have plenty of colored hangers I just don’t want to use them.
I seriously had to tell myself, for fuck’s sake Christina, don’t spend money on shit you already have because you have to have white hangers, bend a little. 

I’m not dead. Did I mention I let my cleaning lady go? I actually kind of missed compulsively cleaning my house. And I’m not going to pay someone to clean my house when they don’t do as good a job as I do.

Wow, I’m really fucking weird. 

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No words can describe me;)
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