Rap Morning 

Ice Cube. Jay Z. Lil Wayne. I’m a little ghetto. I’m a little nerdy. I’m a little bitchy. Snobby. Nice. Frustrated, today. Mornings like this begin with rap in my workout.

Jackson made it worse by throwing a fit when I mentioned taekwondo this afternoon. He’s not liking it.

Whining. Crying. Stomping. Hitting doors, furniture.

He’s spoiled. He doesn’t like being challenged or being told what to do. Then he yells out the overused “I want my daddy!”

Like he thinks that he’d handle this better. Haha, ok. Where do you think you got your anger issue from? It’s just us, buddy. Sorry. 

So I left him crying at daycare because I refused to put his library book in his backpack and carry it in. I do everything for him.  He’s capable! I’m done. I’m contributing to this problem.

Jake’s being influenced by a bad child at preschool and I’m being told he’s not listening. 

Maybe it’s time for family counseling. 

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