Saturday Morning Questions to Myself

Do I really have to paint my toes to look “complete”? Maybe I’m not feeling pink-y, red-y, purple-y, or other non-traditional-y colors. Maybe I want healthy looking toenails. Fuck society. 

What the fuck up is with this mermaid trend? Did anyone grow up watching Splash? She looked miserable. Aerial isn’t real. Sue me.

Why do women have to have their uteral lining handed to them each month as a result of not getting pregnant. How many kids were we supposed to birth? If we used every egg given to us at birth and got pregnant with no breaks in between how many years would the average woman spend pregnant? How many kids would she have? More importantly, how many baby daddy’s would she have? How many would stay committed? How much child support would she actually get? Does your body at one point say “bitch, you’re done”. Do you die early? Would she have conceived these children with or without the partner’s concern of her headache?

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