Random AM Traffic Thoughts

I love getting fancy cookbooks gifted to me that require ingredients not found at my local store. How fresh is your squid, sir?

Cowboy take me away. 

I really feel like I’m wanting to escape. This isn’t how I wanted to spend my life. 
How was I last year? Who was in my body and in my mind?

Why is this phones texting options so giving device. Ugh, fucking sensitive.

If there is a God?

Does anyone hate this traffic as much as me?

Do car makers realize that intricate tail lights will be burned into other’s brains after hours of sitting behind them in traffic?

Why are we rude to each other?

Why do I spend so much money on stupid shit?

I think catastrophic will have to happen for the country to correct itself. 

Maybe I do want another kid. 

If I need surgery on my wrist, who will care for the boys?

Why do I think so much?

If you want to merge, asshole, how about using your blinker? I’ll be more inclined to let you over. 

One hour, twenty minutes. Still not at work. 

If I get a cat, how do I keep the dogs from eating their poop?

Can I please just beat the shit out of something?

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No words can describe me;)
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