Can We Quit Calling It an Accidental Overdose?

Can we quit calling the death of a person who took too much of or mixed a drug with another drug or alcohol an “accidental overdose”? What truly is accidental about taking something you know is harmful to you? Something that can lead to addiction? Something that probably has taken your family, your friends, your money, your health away from you?

You’ve probably heard how much you’re hurting someone or yourself already from someone that loves you. Why continue to do it despite laws, warnings?

Because they’re an addict. I get it. They don’t need drugs. They’re masking the underlying problem. They need support and counseling. A trip to a clinic, rehab, a doctor.

Addiction is as treatable as it is preventable. Continuing to use is selfish. Get some help. Help yourself! Help your family and friends! Life is precious! I wish everyone could understand that. But we don’t always listen do we? We just keep doing what we want. Even if it kills us.

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