Wheel Power

I’m steering my life. I’m the driver! I’m in charge!

I decide where I go. I won’t let others determine that for me. That also means I won’t let things lead me either.

I quit smoking last year. Cold turkey. I’m so glad I did. You can smell it on people like skunk spray! I walk the parking lot at work at lunch and pass the smoking area. I used to be those people. But I’m not. I’m the opposite now. Getting healthy for myself, for my boys. 

I’m tired of apologizing after a drunken night. I’m tired of reading my texts, my Facebook posts the morning after to see how drunk I got, who I need to apologize to, what embarrassing things I wrote. I’m tied of feeling like shit in the mornings. 

I’m tired of stomach issues, lethargy, eating crap. I’m changing that too. 

I’m the good kind of quitter this time. 

I’m getting too old and, guess what, life really is as short and goes by as quick as you heard all your life! And you drive this bitch! Step on it!

About bourbonbreathmom

No words can describe me;)
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