I’m undecided on whether to tell the world what I’m going through right now or not. I’m, hopefully, changing. And for the better. I don’t have as many readers here as my other blog had. I don’t want to share just to get followers because I only want to share to help other people and let them know they’re not alone. Even as I type this my autocorrect put “hero”instead of “help” at first swipe. I feel I should share. I’m learning I’m a love addict, “mentally ill” as society would say and maybe, I can’t bring myself to say it or quit it, an alcoholic. It’s, and I, have caused a lot of pain not just to others but mainly myself. 

But I’m going to learn to be worthy of happiness. I’m going to learn I’m worthy of love. I give so much to these boys I do deserve it in return. Even Satan supposedly has a whole underworld to himself. Wait… that’s a good metaphor for Trump.

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No words can describe me;)
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