Pascal’s Wager 

I’m just learning of this. Why? I’m uneducated? Ignorant? Raised by a Catholic mother? Living in the South? I’m supposed to wake up at six, I even promised friends, I’d attend church with them tomorrow to worship a God I don’t believe exists. I’m so tired of being shunned for not aligning with the South’s status quo. We, nonbelievers, accept you. We don’t throw a building up on every corner and lease billboards to convey our beliefs. We accept you! Accept us! I really can’t understand why I’m supposed to believe a figure of a man, or three, created the earth. It’s written about in the Bible. But then there is no explanation on the other planets. A purpose on we are here? Why is grass here? You don’t need an explanation! You don’t always have an answer and I surely won’t believe in folklore and a verbal story to explain to me, wait it doesn’t explain, the parts of cells, rapists, solar showers, etc. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that one “being” or nonbeing created everything? Why weren’t the dinosaurs in the Bible? Are we to pretend they didn’t exist or the Bible just left out the fact Earth has been inhabited by other creatures before? Are we really to assume we’re the only planet that has life because only one god created this earth and no other god could create another planet with life? If the heavens are above us in the sky, then who is beyond our solar system? And if we know that Heaven is above us, where is Hell? The Earth’s core? Below or solar system? Has scienctists proven our solar system ends or have they proven it’s only expansive? And if people have lived to tell of dying, seeing the light, and returning to Earth, why has no one in the history of time ever been documented in dying, going to Hell and coming back? Because it merely just doesn’t happen? Because once you enter Hell you’re there? So many people do things on Earth that the Bible states they will go to Hell for doing them. Not a one has died and come back from Hell? 

I just don’t have answers. I’m a realist. I require answers and explanations that make complete sense. And Christianity doesn’t do this for me. I guess I’ll be banned from the country now and part of me will be split up and sent back to Germany, some to Ireland, some to Africa, maybe some of my body parts will remain here as I have Native American Indian in my blood. Since President Trump is beginning to ban Muslims and people are supposed to go back to where they came from. Let us just start building gas chambers, act out public hangings and stonings now. That’s where we’re headed.

What kind of God would allow people kill off an entire group of fellow humans, our brothers and our sisters we are supposed to love, merely because they were of different faith but yet we forgive the woman who slept with someone outside of her marriage (it’s a commandment) because she attends a Christian church and asked for forgiveness? 

Can someone please answer these questions with rational answers? Maybe then I’ll believe. 

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