Happy New Year

Ok, so the Bourbon Review, I can’t review any today. I haven’t bought any since Christmas Eve. And yes, my last post was brutally honest because of the bourbon.

If you expected to see a post New Year’s Eve, I’m sorry. If you expected to see one on New Year’s Day, I’m sorry. I’m very much a mood writer and I just wasn’t in the mood. Instead I spent it with the boys. Playing at parks, watching movies. Reflecting, as we all tend to do when faced with a new year.

I’m not going to go through my list of resolutions with you. I know better than to promise myself anything these days. I’ll just beat myself up later and it’s not worth the hurt. I know you all have probably set some for yourself. 

I will have you know that while speaking with a friend last week he nicely stated that he didn’t think I was lazy, just unmotivated. And holy hell did I need to hear that! I, unfortunately, put too much thought into the opinions of others about myself. So this just pissed me off and gave me an “Eureka!” moment at the same time. It was so simple and obvious but I didn’t see it for myself. So yesterday at the park with the boys I thought “Unmotivated, my ass” and I ran after them. That may have been the best thing I’ve heard about myself in a long time as I try set in motion a healthier, happier me.

Now, for the asshole who said I was abrasive yesterday. I’ll conquer that at another time. I’m harsh but I sometimes tell people what they’ve needed to hear. Ok, sometimes. Other times I just can’t lie. I’m an honest person, apparently to a fault. This shows in my parenting too. I’m not going to carry your backpack because I’m a good mom. Carry that shit yourself! I’m telling you no because in life, no one is going to carry shit for you! Don’t expect it and do for yourself. Is that abrasive or “tough love”? Maybe I could be gentler but how will they learn?

But I recognize these things and I’ll think about working on them;)

No bourbon doing the talking today just my honest self. I wish you all the best in 2017 and I wish you’d continue to follow my year as well. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of good stories and drunken posts! Well, I’m trying to limit those. Until then someone drink a drink of bourbon for me today and cheers it to us! No resolutions need be made, sometimes the best plans are not laid…I’m stopping there. I’m sure you’ve read enough of this New Year’s shit like I have. I’m not going to shove anymore down your throat. I drink bourbon for fucks sake. I’m practically a man. Have a great week all! Be you and do you well.

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No words can describe me;)
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